Product coordinator


Are you in need of items/products for your business? Let me know and Creativity by Jaiston will find them for you at a competitive price from my stabile and fast suppliers. I coordinate it all based on your wishes to the final delivery to you.

I work a lot towards hotels/restaurants/event & PR-companies.


The items needed can be all things from decorations, glassware to palm trees for your restaurant patio and finding the best hats for the winning football team and so on...


So do not hesitate to contact me and let us collaborate on that successful planning process.

With over 10 years’ experience synchronizing shipments from suppliers to end

customers with great connections that will benefit us both. The trustworthy and swift suppliers make the whole process a pure joy.


Let me know what you need and I will find it for you and see to it that you get it.

So don´t wait for you opportinity to get more time to do other things while I assist you

with the coordinaton of the products you need.

Creativity by Jaiston

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