About Me

Hi there and welcome,

My namne is Jennifer, the owner of Creativity by Jaiston. Thank you for visiting my website!

With my company and personal skills I am dedicated to assist my customers and create efficiency and also make the world a better place through hard work and passion.

My passion is to deliver the highest quality results for my customers. Creativity by Jaiston operates with the “glass half full” approach of life and this inspires solutions and smiles with each productive work relationship started.

Creativity by Jaiston aims to be unique and founded in the joy of life and a sense of humor that provides me and my surroundings with productivity as well as positive energy.

Creativity by Jaiston is based and operates out of the town Halmstad on the west coast of Sweden, however work is very flexible and travelling to other locations are often needed and providing a large network of connections and partners.

Creativity by Jaiston mainly focus on work as tourmanager asissting in all aspects of planning and executing the tour plans but aslo product/material coordinator, delivering items to events and aimed at hotels/restaurants/nightclubs as well as PR-firms.

As a skilled manager/project leader Creativity by Jaiston also provide management of social media platforms/maintenance of websites etc.

I am a skilled organizer I get to use my set of skills to aid customers in different fields and always find a way to let my personality come thru and with positivity and goal orientation. Building long lasting collaborations is key and thru Creativity by Jaiston I manage to bring the level of quality that I strive to apply in all areas of my life.

“Quality is key!”

For more information about just how we might work together you can use the email below or the contact form here on the website.

Let´s have fun together and create a magical work collaboration.


Mail: jennifer@creativitybyjaiston.com